Systematic Review of Time Management Practices Among Nurse Managers




time management, practices, nurses, managers, work-life balance


Time is an essential resource for every organisation in terms of accomplishing its goals and aims. Goal setting, prioritising, planning, and delegating are all examples of efficient time management strategies that can increase productivity, efficiency, work-life balance, and job satisfaction. On the other hand, poor time management has been connected to poor job quality, low productivity, a negative effect on career progression, and high levels of stress. This study aims to identify the strategies used by middle nurse managers. This interdisciplinary systematic study's search strategy made use of three different internet databases—Scopus, CINAHL, and MEDLINE. Quantitative studies of time management and nurse managers have been conducted and published. All included studies had their data extracted, analysed, and assessed for quality.

The results show that prioritisation and work delegation are the two most often utilised and successful time management strategies among nurse managers. In conclusion, planning can be a useful time management approach, and a manager should educate him/herself on delegation. Managers’ ability to strike a good work-life balance depends on their ability to effectively manage their time, which influences productivity and organisational success.


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