Nursing Educators’ Experiences and Expectations of Research Production at a Faculty of Health Sciences: A Qualitative Study




expectations, experiences, research production, nursing educators, qualitative research


Research production remains one of the most important tools to predict the likely number of future outputs for a set of researchers. Nursing educators have expectations when they enter an academic institution; however, if these expectations are not matched with their experiences, then their research production will be hampered. The purpose of this study was to explore nursing educators’ expectations and experiences regarding research production at the Faculty of Health Sciences at a national university in Namibia. The study used the qualitative approach with an explorative, descriptive and contextual design. Eighteen nursing educators from the School of Nursing and Public Health participated in the study. Participants were chosen by using a convenience sampling method. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews between June and September 2022 and were analysed using thematic analysis for recurring themes. The following themes emerged from the data analysis: individual research output and role expectations; institutional factors affecting research production; and corrective measures to improve research production. These findings demonstrate that there is a significant need to support the production of quality research of nursing educators by addressing the requirements of the academic and research staff so as to maximise the impact of their research and establish the University of Namibia as a renowned international research institution. This can be achieved through creating an opportunity for hosting research seminars, and by providing adequate financial support to academics and research staff to maximise the impact of their research. The findings of this study can be used to develop baseline data, which can enable a “point-in-time” snapshot of individual activity. This will enable consolidation of metrics on research activity up to faculty, school and institutional performance that is geared towards improving research production among academics, as well as the development of policies that support such production.


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Author Biography

Daniel Opotamutale Ashipala, University of Namibia

Department of General Nursing Science, School of Nursing and Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, University of Namibia (UNAM), Rundu, Namibia


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Received 2023-07-18
Accepted 2023-09-20
Published 2023-10-12