A Critical Analysis of the African National Congress’s Inclination to the Freedom Charter: A Review of Implementation


  • Benjamin Rapanyane North-West University
  • Mpho Makgamatha University of Limpopo
  • Faith Mkhatshwa North-West University




African National Congress, Freedom Charter, Promise Theory, successes, failures


The Freedom Charter is supposed to be a guiding document on policy directives for the post-apartheid African National Congress (ANC) government. However, there is strong corroboration driving a lack of academic attention to this well-deserved scholarly subject. In simple terms, scholars do not pay much attention to linking the ANC to this important historical document. Against this background, we argue that the contemporary ANC is encountering several challenges with respect to the implementation of the tenets of the Freedom Charter. The adoption and utility of the “Promise Theory,” in the context of this article, is informed fundamentally by the need to theoretically frame the analysis within a relevant historical theoretical lens. This is done in order to best shape the broader analysis and scholarly arguments advanced in this article. This showcases all that has to do with the Freedom Charter and the various challenges facing the ANC in implementing the document. Methodologically, this article is informed by a complete document review and thematic content analysis.


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Received 2022-07-24
Accepted 2024-01-25
Published 2024-02-19