Current Situation of Mental Health of Older Adults: A Case from Henan Province, China




Chinese elderly, mental health, current situation survey


Background: The population ageing process has changed the world’s population composition. China's population is ageing rapidly, and many researchers have focused on the psychological problems of older adults.

Objective: To investigate the current state of mental health of older adults in China, understand the current level of mental health of older adults in China and its influencing factors, provide a reference for the formulation of mental health intervention measures, and scientifically protect the mental health of older adults.

Methods: Convenience sampling was used to select 196 older people aged 60 and above in the Central Plains of China as the research objects. The questionnaire survey method was used to investigate the mental health status of older adults.

Results: Among the 196 older people, 145 had no psychological symptoms, accounting for 74.0%; 45 had mild psychological symptoms, accounting for 23.0%; 4 had moderate psychological symptoms, accounting for 2.0%; 2 had severe psychological symptoms, accounting for 1.0%. There were statistically significant differences in the mental health scores among older adults with different ages, marital statuses, number of chronic diseases, and economic income (P<0.05).

Conclusion: The mental health status of older adults in China is average. Age, marital status, number of chronic diseases, and income level impact the mental health of older adults. The whole society should pay attention to the mental health ofolder adults.


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Accepted 2024-03-14
Published 2024-04-16