How (Most) Philosophers Have Failed Humanity




philosophers, iatrocracy, courage, “pandemic”, neo-fascism, Agamben


This paper focuses on the theme of “how (most) philosophers have been struck by blindness in the age of the ‘great reset’ and failed humanity.” I have been able to trace only a few philosophers or intellectuals who have seen through the fog of dis- and misinformation to grasp the iatrocratic and corporatocratic aims of private global organisations, namely to reduce the numbers of, and enslave the rest of humanity by various lethal and otherwise destructive means. The paper initially concentrates on the question of what a philosopher is, followed by a discussion of the contributions of four exemplary philosophers who have had the perspicacity and courage to grasp the true nature of forced global events since the start of the “pandemic.” It further focuses on some criticism against their position(s), where necessary providing evidence to either support or invalidate the positions concerned. Evidence is adduced for the claim that those who submitted to Draconian rules and unjustified injections did not think through the manner in which this happened, nor did the necessary prior research concerning the vaunted safety of the “vaccines” or the probable ultimate goal of forces driving the neo-fascist transformation of contemporary society.


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