South African Yearbook of International Law - CALL for PAPERS


The Covid-19 Pandemic that has gripped the world since early 2020 brought with it a myriad
of social, economic, political and legal challenges and opportunities. Whilst largely analysed
from a human rights perspective, the changes, challenges, and opportunities that flowed from
the onset of the virus affected more sectors than just fundamental rights. Various aspects of
international law were tested as the world attempted to respond to this new catastrophe. Some
of the areas where new rules either had to be created, or where existing rules were found to be
inapplicable to or insufficient to address the developing situation include the following:
* Procurement laws
* Aviation laws
* Human rights (privacy, life, health, religion, expression etc)
* Political rights (elections, assembly, association, expression etc)
* Anti-corruption laws
* Force majeure in international law
* States of emergencies / states of disaster

The South African Yearbook of International Law invites authors to submit articles touching on
the above over-arching theme; or on any of the sub-themes listed above. Papers are expected
to have a South African angle. However, papers that have an African slant will also be
considered. We also invite opinion pieces, short notes and letters to the editor etc.

All submissions will be subject to a double-blind peer-review process.
Timeline: Articles will be received on a rolling basis.
Length of articles: 8000 to 16 000 Words. Case notes not to exceed 5000 Words. Journal notes
and book reviews not to exceed 3000 words.
Styleguide: SAYIL uses OSCOLA for articles published by it. Authors are reminded to comply
with OSCOLA before submission.

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Prof Angelo Dube
Chief Editor - SAYIL