Charismatisation of the Salvation Army, Ghana: Challenges and Way Forward




Salvation Army, Christianity, Charismatics, Pentecostals, Africa


Until recently, the Salvation Army of Ghana was widely considered the only historic mission Christian denomination that has managed to ward off the onslaught of the main features of the charismatic movement in Ghana. Through information derived from the historical and phenomenological methods, particularly interview schemes and observation, this paper discusses the main reasons for a gradual introduction into the mainstream of the Salvation Army Ghana’s unique prayer groups, which are bringing hitherto “restricted” spiritual gifts to the forefront. The paper further argues that despite the popularity of the prayer groups and their activities among the grassroots membership of the Salvation Army, the groups are facing internal and external challenges that could jeopardise their spiritual and material benefits. The paper attempts to examine some of the immediate measures that could be undertaken, not only to incorporate the prayer groups and retain their membership in the Salvation Army, but also to ensure the continuous survival of the Salvation Army in Ghana and the rest of Africa.


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