• Aristide Kahindo Nguru



business law harmonisation, CISG, Commercial Uniform Act, OHADA law, uniform sales law


Disparities in national laws are likely to result in uncertainty which, in turn, creates obstacles to international commerce. It is acknowledged that strong investment flows cannot be achieved without a secure legal and commercial environment. Mindful of such a need, states decided to harmonise sales law internationally. To this end, in 1980 they adopted the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods known as the Vienna Sales Convention or the CISG. The CISG has led a number of countries, including the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) law states, to modernise their local sales law. However, only three of 17 countries that constitute the OHADA community have ratified the CISG. OHADA law countries give the impression of favouring a more regional approach to the unification of sales law rather than the CISG’s global approach by implementing a local Commercial Uniform Act. Their indifference towards the CISG is not without consequences for commerce in the OHADA region. This article seeks to demonstrate that the lack of ratification of a universal convention, as for example the CISG, poses a danger to commercial dealings. It also intends to show that the CISG is not hostile to regional uniform sales laws of the OHADA Commercial Uniform Act type. It concludes that OHADA countries do not need to be afraid of their acceptance of the CISG and recommends that it be ratified.


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Published 2016-09-12