2022 Measures to Curb Violence, Regulate the Security Services and Terrorism





unrest, violence, crime statistics, violent protests, truth and reconciliation, security services, arms and ammunition, domestic violence, terrorism


Despite extant overarching legislative measures, new legislative measures, and other initiatives, crime and violence are still rife in South Africa. This contribution highlights the increase in crime statistics and elaborates on matters connected therewith, including shortcomings in the services dedicated to crime prevention and the country’s protection. Recent developments within the broad domains of security services regarding legislation and case law handed down are discussed. Concerns like domestic and gender-based violence and new approaches to extant threats, like terrorism, are further canvassed in the contribution. Additionally, matters linked to security, unrest, and violence are examined. These issues include correctional services, developments linked to arms and ammunition, and national security and reconciliation.

Author Biographies

Willemien Du Plessis, North-West University

Faculty of Law

Juanita M Pienaar, Stellenbosch University

Department of Private law, Faculty of Law, Stellenbosch University

René Koraan, North-West University

Faculty of Law, North-West University


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