What kind of post COVID-19 Recovery? Unpacking the World Economic Forum’s Reset 2021 report.


  • Ashraf Patel Institute for Global Dialogue IGD , University of South Africa UNISA




Covid-19, World Economic Forum, WEF


The global Covid-19 pandemic crisis is the gravest global disaster of modern times. Above all it is important to reflect on the sustainability of the mode of hyper globalization of the past three decades, which was witnessed throughmultiple interconnectedness of global-regional-national-local value chains, enabled by the internet digital economy, offshoring, outsourcing, rapid urbanization and a borderless world of travel and commerce. It is Globalization that enabled the rapid ‘warp like’ spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, destroying over 2 million lives and disrupting every nation and economy.  Humanity was presented with a unique opportunity to cooperate with the United Nations (UN) around a common historical crisis. Sadly, it rapidly descended into a mostly rabid nationalistic form of vaccine nationalism and selfishness, which became the moniker of international relations, especially with regards to the Covid-19 vaccine development, starkly divided by geopolitics and mistrust


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Author Biography

Ashraf Patel, Institute for Global Dialogue IGD , University of South Africa UNISA

My name is Ashraf Patel is a graduate on the Masters in Management (MM)   Public Policy and Regulation Management (ICT) from the Graduate School of Public and Development Management (P&DM), University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. 

In this regard, I am hereby submitting the following relevant documentation:

·         Curricula Vitae (CV);

·         Masters:  University of Witwatersrand, School of Public and Development Management  (P&DM)  MM ICT Policy & Regulation;

·         Certificate: Company Law 1 course, 2012

·         Key Knowledge Area document

o   Public Policy, regulatory and stakeholder management;

  • ·         Programme and project development management & support,


v  Policy platforms and work currently engaged in SA

I am currently active and participation in the following high - level policy-program platforms that has policy impact at local, regional (SADC, AU) and global level

      i.        G20 T2 working group on world of work n the 21 century skills 

I am part of a multilateral group of think thanks in Africa, co funded by the German DIE, that is dealing with the area of world of world labour matters in preparation for the G 20 Summit in September 2018. We have attended the T 20 working group in Addis Ababa in April 2018 and have made research inputs into thematic documents of the world of world and skills development.

     ii.        BRICS knowledge and innovation cluster, NIHSS

In the past 3 years, I have consistently participated in the knowledge and innovation cluster of the BRICS academic network at NIHSS. This experience has enabled me to effectively contribute to inclusive social and economic policies with regards to world fo work, 4th industrial revolution and inclusive development.



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