Reshaping Strategies of University Libraries in Ghana towards Sustainable Development Goal 4


  • Samuel Owusu-Ansah University of Ghana, Legon



university libraries, academic libraries, lifelong learning, quality education, access to information, SDG 4


Ghana has a large and complex higher learning educational system, with an increasing enrolment each year. Given the global significance of the Sustainable Development Goals, this study aims to assess the roles of Ghanaian university libraries in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4. The study applied a qualitative research approach to examine the strategies deployed by libraries in Ghana and the purposive sampling technique was used to select interviewees. The findings indicate that university libraries in Ghana are at the forefront of providing information and library services to support capacity building. These libraries have ensured inclusiveness to quality education by providing equitable library services, information access, and unbiased information services to all clients without discrimination. The study identified poor public perceptions of these libraries, inadequate funding, and emerging technologies as challenges facing libraries in Ghana. It was revealed that the areas in which information and library services have contributed to Sustainable Development Goal 4 in Ghana are (1) teaching and learning, (2) cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders, (3) promoting sustainable information practices among stakeholders, and (4) information in specific (specialised) contexts. The study concludes that university libraries in Ghana have created an enabling environment, making them increasingly relevant to national and global development. Strategies deployed by these libraries towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 include creating awareness, conducting cutting-edge research, sustaining lifelong learning and quality education, and providing high quality teaching and learning.


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Owusu-Ansah, Samuel. 2021. “Reshaping Strategies of University Libraries in Ghana towards Sustainable Development Goal 4”. Mousaion: South African Journal of Information Studies 39 (1):25 pages.



Received 2019-12-03
Accepted 2020-12-01
Published 2021-05-27