The Effectiveness of Wi-Fi-Network Technology on Campuses and Residences for an Improved Learning Experience and Engagement




access point, affordability, hotspot, Wi-Fi network, WLANs effectiveness


The information and communication technology revolution is broadly recognised for its fundamental role in the effective operation of higher education institutions. There is a need to understand the way in which wireless local area networks at universities are viewed by registered users, the people that develop, implement and maintain these networks, and those planning on adopting these networks. The study’s objective is to unravel the usefulness of these networks in a higher education environment to promote effective learning engagements at campuses of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. Universities provide Wi-Fi network initiatives on campuses to create an effective learning environment, and wireless local area network connections at universities mean that Wi-Fi-enabled devices can be leveraged for educational purposes. The provision of Wi-Fi-enabled computers, mobile devices and electronic gadgets has revolutionised the realm and methods of communication, which is channelled towards improving and enhancing internet coverage on campuses and at student residences. This study explores the effectiveness of Wi-Fi networks and hotspots on campuses and at student residences to improve students’ learning engagement. The study used mixed-research methods, including a document analysis to gather information from information and communication systems and a survey to gather responses from the respondents. The findings suggest that Wi-Fi availability at universities is perceived as useful and effective since students benefit from a range of improved learning experiences, easy access to educational content, enhanced performance, and quality and education delivery.


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Author Biographies

Dr Kenneth Nwanua Ohei, University of Johannesburg

Postdoctoral Fellow

Applied Information Systems

College of Business and Economics


Dr Roelien Brink, University of Johannesburg

Department of Applied Information Systems,

College of Business and Economics

University of Johannesburg



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Ohei, Kenneth Nwanua, and Roelien Brink. 2021. “The Effectiveness of Wi-Fi-Network Technology on Campuses and Residences for an Improved Learning Experience and Engagement”. Mousaion: South African Journal of Information Studies 39 (1).



Received 2020-05-24
Accepted 2021-04-13
Published 2021-05-27