(Un)Belonging in the City: Research, Theory and Practice Highlighting LGBTQIA+ Youths Experiencing Homelessness in Cape Town, South Africa


  • Maurice N. Gattis Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Nicole J. Alexander Pride Shelter Trust
  • Neil Henderson University of the Western Cape




shelter, Cape Town, homeless youths, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender


LGBTQIA+ youths who experience homelessness in South Africa face a unique set of experiences that is disregarded and sometimes unacknowledged. Using existing literature, the minority strengths theory, the minority stress theory, original research, and practice knowledge, we provide insight into the context in which these youths exist. While more research needs to be conducted to develop interventions and further refine existing interventions for more impact, we highlight some actions being taken in Cape Town, South Africa, to deal with some of the needs of the population. The Pride Shelter Trust is leading the way in providing services to deal with some of the needs of the multiple marginalised members of the LGBTQIA+ population that it serves. In this commentary, we highlight some of the work being done at the Shelter and offer recommendations for more inclusive practices at shelters for people experiencing homelessness that may not have an emphasis on LGBTQIA+ populations.


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