Monogenesis to Homogenesis: Conversations on Race


  • Isaiah Aduojo Negedu University of Kwazulu-Natal



Afrogenesis, conversation, Eurogenesis, Homogenesis, racism


Methods abound in academic discourse and the extent to which each is used to investigate unique problems and probably proffer solutions—each method gradually achieves the desired aim for which it is used. I employ conversation here, not in the loose sense of the concept, but in its strict meaning of engaging in critical discourse so that through dialogic, new concepts can be distilled from old ones. Thus, I am motivated by the inclusivity of decomposition and blending, which for me is an arm of scientific methods because of rigorous engagement in self-criticism that has not been explored distinctly. Conversation has its own peculiarity and makes intellectual discourse relevant for each age. I have not examined in detail the idea of conversationalism, but have employed it as a tool to deconstruct and reconstruct race. This does not negate the possible emergence of other concepts that are variations of the scientific method. I have further explored briefly the crisis of leadership, associated with racial reasoning, and the possibility of healing that engenders development.



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Negedu, Isaiah Aduojo. 2019. “Monogenesis to Homogenesis: Conversations on Race”. Africanus: Journal of Development Studies 49 (1):13 pages.



Received 2019-04-30
Accepted 2019-09-10
Published 2019-10-31