Migration Dynamics and the Making of New Diasporic Language and Cultural Communities in South Africa, 2000–2020: An Entrepreneurial Perspective





migration dynamics, South Africa, Zimbabwe, diasporic language communities, localisation, cultural alienation, ACALAN, NLPF


Migration, enterprise and the related language and culture dynamics are critical to South Africa and Zimbabwe. In the past, some scholars were of the view that the language and cultural communities created by migration pose a threat, and others argued that they are advantageous. This article presents a single-factor analytical approach to issues, which suggests that co-existing modalities should be worked out for the host citizens to accept the migrants without reservations. This acceptance is imperative as its negation results in some contexts to the flaring of ugly xenophobic manifestations. The argument presented in this article is pertinent to African languages and education, the African Union, the United Nations, civic, humanitarian organisations, respective governments, interested stakeholders and language communities, amongst others. It provides insight on how to manage cultures and morals among migrants of diverse categories. The article used a mixed research methodology. It reviews ideas on migration globally and in Africa in particular, analysing how migration contributes towards emerging language and cultural societies or communities. A sample of 100 respondents was used for this study. The paper suggests that there should be unity, deregulation and liberalisation of movement of people across the continent for trade and skills-sharing to improve sustainability. The article intends to guide African leaders to co-exist and to encourage fair competition for continental expansion, poverty alleviation and development of positive international language policies. It is one of the recent attempts to expound on the existing perspectives on migration dynamics and the formation of viable diasporic language communities in Africa and highlight their contribution towards ubuntu.

Author Biographies

Medicine Magocha, University of South Africa

Dr. Medicine Magocha is a multi-disciplinary research and his key areas of research are empowerment of women, poverty eradication through small enterprises, children's development, African youth empowerment and upgrading indigenous knowledge systems. He is a research supervising postgraduate studies with University of South Africa Graduate School Of Business Leadership

Dr. Johannes Ratsikana Rammala, University of Limpopo

Dr. Johannes Ratsikana Rammala is a Director for the School of Languages and Communication in the Faculty of Humanities. He is a seasoned researcher.



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Magocha, Medicine, and Johannes Ratsikana Rammala. 2021. “Migration Dynamics and the Making of New Diasporic Language and Cultural Communities in South Africa, 2000–2020: An Entrepreneurial Perspective”. Africanus: Journal of Development Studies 50 (1):22 pages. https://doi.org/10.25159/2663-6522/7942.



Received 2020-06-13
Accepted 2021-04-22
Published 2021-06-23