Editorial Team


Prof. Alan Northover, University of South Africa, northra@unisa.ac.za: Animal studies, ecocriticism, J.M. Coetzee, Margaret Atwood

Associate Editor/Assistentredakteur

Dr Reinhardt Fourie, University of South Africa, fourir@unisa.ac.za: Comparative literature; Afrikaans literature; (South African) English literature; postcolonialism; literary theory

Prof. Wayne Stables, University of South Africa, stablw@unisa.ac.za: 19th- and 20th-century literature; Continental philosophy; Literary criticism and theory (especially deconstruction and psychoanalysis); Political theory (including Marx and Benjamin); History and theory of the novel; Literature and visual culture


Prof. Yaw Asante, Mount Royal University, Canada, yasante@mtroyal.ca: Postcolonial literature; Ghanian literature

Prof. Ortwin De Graef, University of Leuven (KU Leuven), ortwin.degraef@kuleuven.be: Ethics; post-hermeneutics; English literature; trauma theory; poststructuralism; literary theory in general

Dr Nicole Devarenne, University of Dundee, n.devarenne@dundee.ac.uk: South African English literature

Prof. Thomas Jay Lynn, Penn State Berks, USA, TJL7@psu.edu: Postcolonial, world, and ancient literature, West African literature

Prof. Jane Poyner, University of Exeter, J.Poyner@exeter.ac.uk: Postcolonialism, the work of J.M. Coetzee

Prof. Yves T'Sjoen, Ghent University, yves.tsjoen@ugent.be: Dutch literature; Comparative literature (Dutch/Afrikaans)

Prof. Margriet Van der Waal, University of Amsterdam/University of Groningen, m.c.vanderwaal@uva.nl: Post-apartheid South African (Afrikaans) literature; post-national identity politics

Prof. Özlem Öğüt Yazıcıoğlu, Bogazici University, Istanbul, ozlemogu@boun.edu.tr: English and comparative literature; film studies

Prof. Helen Atawuve , Yitah , University of Ghana , hyitah@ug.edu.gh: New Literatures in English, Eighteenth-Century British Literature, The Short Story, Practice in Criticism, Literary Theory, American Literature and Research Methods

South African

Prof. Imraan Coovadia, University of Cape Town, imraan.coovadia@uct.ac.za: Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century English and American literature, philosophy, and literature, political and social thought of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries including Adam Smith, Hazlitt, Hume, Edmund Burke, and Swift, and contemporary fiction

Dr Minesh Dass, University of Johannesburg, mdass@uj.ac.za: South African English literature; Derrida

Prof. Chantelle Gray, North-West University, chantelle.gray@gmail.com: Deleuze and Guattari; anarchism; gender and sexuality studies

Prof. Desiree Lewis, University of the Western Cape, dlewis@uwc.ac.za: Literary and popular culture, global feminist knowledge and politics, the politics of visuality and representation and postcolonial writing and culture

Prof. Mbongeni Malaba, University of KwaZulu-Natal, mbongenimalaba@yahoo.co.uk: Namibian poetry written in English, Shakan literature, the work of Charles Mungoshi, Alan Paton and Thomas Mofolo, Zimbabwean literature

Prof. Michael Marais, Rhodes University, m.marais@ru.ac.za: Comparative literature, modernism, postmodernism, critical theory

Prof. Jabulani Mkhize, University of Fort Hare, jmkhize@ufh.ac.za: African and South African literature

Prof. Sikhumbuzo Mngadi, University of Johannesburg, smngadi@uj.ac.za: Literary and cultural theory, in particular, the work of Roman Jakobson, Mikhail Bhaktin, the Frankfurt School, and Stuart Hall

Prof. Robert Muponde, University of the Witwatersrand, robert.muponde@wits.ac.za: Childhood in literature; African literature

Prof. Sam Naidu, Rhodes University, s.naidu@ru.ac.za: South African/Postcolonial Crime Fiction; Nineteenth Century Detective Fiction; African Literature; Transnational Literature (Literature of the African, Latin American, and South Asian Diasporas); Postcolonial Feminist Literature; Oral/written interface in colonial South Africa; English transcriptions of Xhosa folktales; the publication and marketing of indigenous South African orature; Folklore and Ethnographic Writings of George McCall Theal; Emily Dickinson; and, Experimental Pedagogies, including the combination of Community Engagement and Literary Studies, as well as the use of yoga in tertiary education.

Dr. Gibson Ncube, Stellenbosch University, gncube@sun.ac.za: French and Francophone Literature, African Literature, Queer and Gender Studies, Onomastics

Dr Naomi Nkealah, University of the Witwatersrand, naomi.nkealah@wits.ac.za: Feminism; West African literature; African literature

Prof. James Ogude, University of Pretoria, james.ogude@up.ac.za: African literature

Prof. Andries Oliphant, University of South Africa, oliphantandries4@gmail.com: South African literary studies; postcolonialism; literary theory; critical theory; genre studies

Prof. Corinne Sandwith, University of Pretoria, corinne.sandwith@up.ac.za: Postcolonialism (violence, crime, otherness, gender, sexuality, the body); Practices of reading

Prof. Helene Strauss, University of the Free State, strausshj@ufs.ac.za: South African literature

Prof. Hein Viljoen, North West University, hein.viljoen@nwu.ac.za: Afrikaans literary studies; Dutch literary studies; modern poetry; modern Dutch prose; literary theory; South African literary studies

Prof. Andries Visagie, Stellenbosch University, agvisagie@sun.ac.za: Afrikaans literature; Afrikaans poetry

Prof. Merle Williams, University of the Witwatersrand, merle.williams@wits.ac.za: Augustan poetry; Romantic, nineteenth-century and Modernist poetry and fiction; American literature; theories of literature and relations between literature and philosophy

Prof. Ina Wolfaardt-Gräbe, University of South Africa/SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, publikasie@akademie.co.za: Afrikaans literary studies; Afrikaans poetry; literary theory

Prof. Dan Wylie, Rhodes University, d.wylie@ru.ac.za: White writing on Shaka; African literature; Southern African poetry; twentieth-century prose and poetry; spirituality and poetry; and ecological issues in literature.

Prof. Sandra Young, University of Cape Town, sandra.young@uct.ac.za: Shakespeare; Archives studies; South African literature