Enhancing National Security and Combating Insurgency in Nigeria: The Role of the Library





security, insecurity, national security, insurgency, security information needs, library


This study underscores the integral role of libraries in promoting transparency, resilience, and collective efforts towards a more secure and stable nation. Libraries are positioned as dynamic information repositories, housing a diverse array of materials that range from academic research to intelligence analyses providing valuable insights into the complexities of insurgency. Through systematic literature reviews, articles were harvested from databases including Google Scholar, Research Gate, Academia, and ProQuest. The study examines the pivotal role of libraries in enhancing national security and combating insurgency in Nigeria. Findings reveal that libraries play a crucial role in public education and awareness, promoting literacy and critical thinking skills essential for citizens to resist extremist ideologies. Findings further indicate that the collaborative nature of libraries as neutral grounds facilitates cooperation among diverse stakeholders, fostering the exchange of insights and experiences that contribute to the development of innovative strategies. Findings recognise the contributions that libraries have made in generating new knowledge and cultivating an informed citizenry to address the root causes of insurgency and foster sustainable peace in Nigeria. The study highlights that libraries in Nigeria can play a vital role in enhancing national security and combating insurgency by serving as hubs for disseminating accurate information, fostering critical thinking skills, countering extremist propaganda, building community resilience, providing professional development opportunities, advocating for effective policies, and preserving national identity. The study recommends leveraging resource and community networks that can contribute significantly to peacebuilding efforts in the country. The study recommends the need not to overlook the role of libraries in national security and counterinsurgency efforts, offering insights into innovative approaches and strategies for addressing these challenges.


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