Assessment of Modern Preservation Practices at the Federal University Otuoke Library, Bayelsa State




preservation, security of information resources, University Library, Federal University Otuoke Library, Bayelsa State


The study titled Assessment of Modern Preservation Practices at the Federal University Otuoke Library, Bayelsa State, Nigeria' was conducted to evaluate the contemporary preservation practices at the library, identify challenges in implementing modern preservation methods, and propose recommendations for improvement. The assessment aims to ensure the protection of collections and fulfil the library's role as a custodian of knowledge. Qualitative research methodology was employed, and data were collected through interviews with five librarians from the electronic library, focusing on the study's relevant questions. The study included the entire population due to its small size, eliminating the need for sampling. Content analysis was utilised to analyse the collected data, and the results were summarised in a comprehensive research report. The findings revealed that the library's current preservation method is its website, with efforts underway to establish an institutional repository. However, the library faces challenges in adopting the institutional repository and other advanced preservation techniques due to limited financial resources and lack of administrative support. In conclusion, the study highlights the importance of effectively addressing financial constraints and gaining administrative support to adopt modern preservation methods. Through advocacy efforts, seeking external funds, and establishing partnerships, the Federal University Otuoke Library can enhance the preservation of its digital holdings and ensure their long-term accessibility. Based on the findings, the researchers recommended that the library establish strategic advocacy approaches to underscore the significance of digital preservation and institutional repositories and take practical measures to garner support from the university administration. Additionally, budgetary constraints should be addressed by securing financing from external sources and collaborating with institutions dedicated to digital preservation practices.


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Accepted 2024-05-16
Published 2024-06-05