Usefulness of Artificial Intelligence to Safeguard Records in Libraries: A New Trend




Artificial Intelligence, libraries, record keeping, library security, digital preservation


This study investigated the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in record-keeping in libraries. The objectives of the study were to analyse current trends in AI applications for record-keeping in libraries, evaluate the effectiveness of AI in protecting library records from physical and digital threats, explore the impact of AI on the efficiency and accuracy of record management in libraries, and identify potential factors that may limit the implementation of AI in library systems. Using a qualitative research approach, the study reviewed existing literature and case studies to assess AI’s contributions and limitations in library settings. The literature search was conducted using three major academic databases: Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and Emerald. These databases were selected based on their comprehensive coverage of scholarly articles, ease of access, and relevance to the fields of information science, library science, and technology. The findings revealed that AI significantly improves the automation of cataloguing and metadata management, thus reducing human error and increasing operational efficiency. AI also enhances the preservation of both digital and physical records through real-time monitoring and automated repair solutions. Additionally, AI-powered search engines provide more relevant and accurate search results by leveraging natural language processing and semantic search capabilities. However, the study also highlights challenges such as data quality issues, data privacy, biases in AI algorithms, and staff and user resistance. The policy implications include the necessity for funding and regulatory support, while practical implications involve the adoption of AI tools and staff training. For librarianship, adapting to new AI technologies and advocating for ethical AI use are essential.

Author Biography

Onome Queen Osagie, University of South Africa

Department of Information Science


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Received 2024-05-23
Accepted 2024-05-27
Published 2024-06-19