About Fees: Payment and non-payment


In order to finance open access, EAC requires authors of accepted articles to pay article processing charges (APCs). APCs are payable when the article has been accepted for publication and when an invoice has been delivered. APCs are used to cover all costs related to language editing, publishing, online hosting, and the archiving of each article.

The updated rate for 2023 is ZAR8 258 per article. These charges are reviewed annually.

The submitting author is responsible for the payment of the APC, which must be confirmed at the time of submission. All amounts are due within 30 days from invoicing. The article will only be published once full payment has been received.

Since EAC encourages researchers from marginalised groups and communities to submit articles, authors could apply to be exempted from the APCs. Since each application will be considered on its own merit, a motivation needs to be provided. Send the application to the Chief Editor when submitting your article. No author would be discriminated against in any way when exemption from the APCs is granted.