Student-Generated Videos as a Learning Tool in Veterinary Education




constructivist, learning tool, mobile devices, reflection, veterinary education, student-generated video


In spite of reported benefits of mobile devices, educational institutions criticise the use of mobile devices for learning because they are considered a distraction in class. Furthermore, researchers claim that the apparent mechanistic use of videos in classes does not contribute to deeper learning. To explore the affordances of videos and the possibility of deeper learning, a group of veterinary science students volunteered to explore the use of videos while attending theoretical and practical lectures. In this qualitative study, the participants tried out a variety of devices to take short videos of procedures and were actively involved with the learning content as they organised and reflected on the self-made videos. In spite of the critique against the use of mobile devices and the apparent shallow learning contribution of videos, participants self-reported that watching the videos again and the processes that took place after the videos were made contributed hugely to their learning experience. Participants demonstrated that mobile devices can be used constructively, and through a process of reflection deepen their learning experience. How the participants use the videos for learning can give lecturers new ideas on how they can use videos in their classes.

Author Biographies

Mari van Wyk, University of Pretoria

Mari van Wyk is a Senior learning designer and the University of Pretoria.  Her research interests include teaching with technology, video as learning tools, mobile learning, blended learning and online learning.

Linda van Ryneveld, University of Pretoria

Head: Comprehensive Online Education Services

Associate Professor in Computer-Integrated Education (CIE)

University of Pretoria

South Africa

+27 124205570



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van Wyk, Mari, and Linda van Ryneveld. 2021. “Student-Generated Videos As a Learning Tool in Veterinary Education”. Progressio: South African Journal for Open and Distance Learning Practice 41 (1):20 pages.



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